There is a lot to learn factually when it comes to keeping up with regulations and compliance within a company. However, often overlooked are the soft skills with which to relay those important compliance related messages intra departmentally, inter departmentally or to an entirely different entity such as a client or a vender.

Correct way of communication is the key to achieving better and faster results. Thus, the approach to that communication is key. It should begin with making a small connection with the other party. Then it should lead to understanding a combination of these 4 important things about the other individual:

  • Their personality type; Red(directive), yellow(informal), green(serious) or blue(analytical)
  • Styles: Public leader ship style vs Private thinking style
  • Amount of information required for communication to progress
  • The number of things they can focus on at a time

This is just the foundation to understanding how to approach or collaborate with someone of a personality contrasting to yours. Saves time, frustration and gets the work done more efficiently. All human beings are complex and categorizing them broadly into a single category is unrealistic. Often people are a blend of multiple traits with one dominant personality type/ trait. It gets even more complex when factors such as cultural background, age, gender etc. come into play. However, this is just a reminder to always evaluate the tone of your message based on the audience along with the message being communicated.