Vector Health Compliance State Price Transparency Reporting Solution

State Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR) solution by Vector Heath is a data-driven, automated, and robust platform designed to simplify SPTR compliance for pharmaceutical manufacturers, remarkably enabling them to meet the stringent SPTR requirements efficiently and effectively.

Key Benefits of Vector Health Compliance

Data-Driven SPTR Solution

Monitoring & Analysis

Monitor, analyze, and generate reports in a state-mandated format

SPTR Submissions

Directly submit your reports to the state sites

Supporting Documentation

Access to state legislation, guides, and supplementary materials

Data Insights Monitoring & Analysis

Get high visibility and insights into your data

Proactively Address Challenges

Address stringent and evolving SPTR challenges with updated data fields rules and formats

Policies & Processes

Compliance policies and processes for functional operations

Consistent Updates

Updated as regulations change or the state government enacts new law

Analyzing the Present Challenges of SPTR

  • In-depth understanding of the complex SPTR requirements
  • Evolving and expanding SPTR regulations
  • Proactive monitoring of new and old pricing transparency legislation
  • Gathering and analyzing data for better decision making
  • The manual process of monitoring and preparing state price transparency reports
  • Maintaining the accuracy of the data being captured and submitted

Vector Health Compliance SPTR Takes the Complexity Out of SPTR

Here’s What our data-driven State Price Transparency Reporting Solution Offers

Automated monitoring, analysis, and reporting

  • The robust platform automates and includes all state requirements
  • Enables compliance teams to generate reports in state-mandated formats
  • Efficient monitoring and analysis of pricing and other data
  • Intelligent analysis of the effects of potential price change

Effective SPTR Submissions for submitting reports to states

  • Assisted or directed submissions to state sites
  • Interactions with state offices and administrations

Audit functionality for retroactive processing, analysis, and reporting

  • Advanced SPTR processing capability applied retroactively
  • Enables you to verify early reporting or execution of delinquent reporting


Built-in Library for legislation and supporting SPTR documentation

  • Consists of all state regulations, guides, legislation, and other material
  • Updated proprietary interpretations and summaries

Integrated SPTR Compliance Policy & Process Development

  • Improve functional operations through integrated compliance policies and processes
  • Integration support with existing policies and processes (standalone functionality is present as well)

Get End-to-End Expert Consultancy with Vector Health Compliance SPTR

  • Providing insights regarding future outlook, existing requirements, and related areas
  • Supporting operations with content and submission reporting
  • Complex or uncommon reporting situations


The cutting-edge technology and enterprise-grade infrastructure used to build SPTR plays an integral role in ensuring the success of pharmaceutical manufacturers and compliance teams.
The automated and data-driven SPTR solution combined with comprehensive support from team Vector Health Compliance enables companies to simplify SPTR compliance and meet the stringent SPTR regulations efficiently and timely.