Advanced Analytics

Empowering Compliance Excellence through Advanced Analytics with Vector Health

EZViewer™: Elevating Monitoring and Benchmarking

Dive into data with Vector Health’s cutting-edge EZViewer™ Application, where the synergy of data science and life sciences compliance takes center stage. EZViewer™ empowers you with granular-level insights, setting new standards for industry benchmarking.

Monitoring & Benchmarking Your Spend

Strategic Spending Insights:
Compare spending across various activities, from speaker programs to HCP meals and ad boards. Identify outliers and irregular transactions while benchmarking against historical spend and industry data.

Actionable Insights for Effective Monitoring:
Spot high-risk reps, speakers, and events based on comprehensive organizational data. Leverage built-in risk indicators or customize your own. Use visual insights to drive informed, corrective actions and reduce risks effectively.

Interactive Risk-based Dashboards:
Identify outliers and risky transactions through our interactive dashboards. Deliver executive briefings to multiple stakeholders for a comprehensive review of your spend data.

Industry-wide Insights for Competitive Analysis

Strategic Competitive Edge:
Gain insights into industry-wide reporting data and understand your competitor’s game plan. Business intelligence for commercial teams, revealing top speakers in a specific specialty, competitor spend on your HCPs, and benchmarking.

Turning Data into Valuable Commercial Insights:
Explore sophisticated data analytics tools, turning data into valuable insights. Leverage the VH SSO Portal for a 360° view of aggregated compliance data, enabling stakeholders to build interactive dashboards and analyze integrated data for strategic decision-making.

Market and Competitive Benchmarking

Utilizing CMS Open Payments Dataset:
Harness the power of the CMS Open Payments dataset to identify spend trends and benchmark your organization against competitors.

Enhancing Decision-Making with Interactive Dashboard Analytics

Empowered Decision-Making:
VH SSO Portal offers an intuitive business intelligence platform, providing a 360° view of aggregated compliance data. Stakeholders can build interactive dashboards, create ad-hoc reports, and analyze integrated data to identify risks and plan HCP/O engagements effectively.

Catalogue of Industry-Driven Dashboards and Reports:
Access a diverse catalog of industry-driven dashboards and reports, fully customizable to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Drag and Drop User Interface:
The intuitive drag-and-drop user interface allows anyone to create meaningful dashboards on the fly.

Integration of Third-Party Data:
Achieve a comprehensive 360° view by integrating third-party data into the platform.

Elevate your decision-making power with Vector Health’s Advanced Analytics. From strategic spending insights to industry-wide competitive analysis, our tools empower compliance professionals with actionable insights for informed decision-making. Discover the transformative potential of turning data into valuable commercial insights with Vector Health.