Risk-based Compliance Monitoring

Delivering all 3 major needs of risk managers

  1. Intelligent Reporting
  2. Application Versatility
  3. Intuitive Functionality

Load your spend and HCP interactions dataOur system will take in your company data for:

  • Speaker Programs
  • HCP Meals
  • Travel & Expenses
  • Ad Board
  • Any other HCP activities
  • Prescription data

System generates risk score for each HCP

  • Built in support for company policies and codes
  • Comprehensive coverage for PhRMA code and OIG Fraud Alert
  • Customer supplied thresholds and weightages
  • System Based on Heat Maps
  • System based on statistical and AI models monitors that updates risk score for HCPs constantly on new data uploads.


  • Reporting is baked-in to every screen or dashboard – exports to Excel or Word are included
  • Every Dashboard is designed to drill-down to the aggregation level below it
  • Recurring assessment projects include Trend charts
  • Default reports intelligently follow universal assessment logic
  • Custom reports are included to ensure every customer’s reporting needs are met

Application Versatility

  • One System – Multiple Applications
    1. Enables you to manage all of your assessment projects in one system
    2. Qualitative scales, questionnaire-based or quantitatively using Monte Carlo simulation
  • Manage a single Assessment or create a project to be managed over time – across as many analytical cycles as you need
  • Assess top-down or bottom-up
  • Assess with a predetermined framework/standard or build your own from scratch
  • Eliminate those thousands of HCPs and only focus on the highest-risk entities
  • Target monitoring activities – field rides, speaker programs, and field force monitoring activities
  • Limit random selection of sales reps and HCPs for monitoring

Application Functionality

  • Easy to follow workflows
  • Configure the assessment framework to match your specific need/requirement
  • Identify/catalog your assessment objects using different approaches
  • Develop and manage the key factors or requirements behind each object
  • Catalog and relate key Controls or Artifacts
  • Built-in Monte Carlo Simulation engine
  • Analysis aggregated along two dimensions
  • Monitor KRIs
  • Drill-down table dashboards make the review and prioritization of risks or controls easy and intuitive
  • Develop and manage your plans of action, including automated email notifications
  • Built-in Survey Tool