WEBINAR: Transparency Legislative Watch Update

Join us for a live discussion about upcoming changes in global transparency reporting legislation.
Listen to a talk by leading Life Sciences global attorneys, Chief Compliance Officers of international life sciences manufacturers and industry insiders.


María Pedernal

Founder of VC Biolaw

Specialist in Pharmaceuticals

Maria has several years of experience providing business advice to companies in the biotech and healthcare sectors. She has also won several awards for her work and teaches in her spare time.

Penelope Przekop

Chief Executive Officer

Former CCO

Penelope is a compliance consultant with over 30 years of industry experience. She has consulted with numerous top 10 pharma and biotech companies and is known for her broad and deep quality systems experience.

Heidi Kocher

Partner at Liles Parker PLLC

Former CCO

Heidi has 20 years of experience in healthcare legal and compliance related issues. Heidi closely monitors US Data privacy law and has worked for several large organizations.

Ned Mumtaz

Compliance Director Vector Health

Former Director of Pfizer

Ned has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked for Wyeth, Eisai, and Otsuka.

Dr. Klaus Geldsetzer

Ph.D. Pharmacology

Former CCO at Santen

Dr. Klaus has years of experience under his belt and has worked for big organizations. He has experience as a Chief Compliance Officer and has been responsible for Santen’s compliance program regarding interactions with HCPs.

Sylvia Asghar

Attorney (UK)

Vector Health

Sylvia has several years of experience in the legal field, mainly dealing with property and compliance matters within the English and Welsh jurisdiction. Sylvia has worked for government and private practice organizations, including the Ministry of Justice. She is currently leading Vector Health’s LegalEZ Compliance Digest, which provides an in-depth analysis of Global Transparency reporting.

Date:   Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Time:  10am – 11am EST   (Eastern Standard Time, US)

           04pm – 05pm CET    (Central European Time)

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A Global Approach To Transparency Reporting Laws

Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers must stay on top of the latest transparency reporting regulations. Listen to experts who recommend ways to help keep you up-to-date on related legislation.
Interact with our experts to stay informed of important changes.
In our upcoming webinar, our legal experts will be highlighting recent transparency rules affecting the life sciences industry.
In this webinar, you’ll learn about:
* Changes to US State Transparency Laws
* Italy’s Sunshine Act
* Oregon’s Sales Representative Reporting Requirement
* EU data privacy shield and transparency laws
* California data privacy law and GDPR and much more!
Please register for the event to interact with the speakers.

Penelope Przekop; Chief Executive Officer, Former CCO, Heidi Kocher; Partner at Liles Parker PLLC, Former CCO, María Pedernal Marigómez; Founder of VC Biolaw, Specialist in Pharmaceuticals, Ned Mumtaz; Partner Vector Health, Former Director of Pfizer, Sylvia Asghar; Attorney at Vector Health, Solicitor in UK and Dr. Klaus Geldsetzer;  Ph.D. Pharmacology, Former CCO at Santen, are pairing up to bring to you an information packed webinar.

We are confident that you will gain knowledge on areas which influence transparency reporting and will benefit from the deep discussion on the upcoming US State and International laws.

Our speakers have a strong and highly focused subject matter expertise in transparency reporting and compliance requirements specific to the life sciences industry. They will share their views on the upcoming laws and offer suggestions on how companies may deal with the new changes from a compliance stand point.

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