Global Transparency Solutions

Unlocking Compliance Excellence with Vector Health

Stay ahead of the evolving global transparency landscape with Vector Health’s unique and affordable solutions. Our platform integrates cutting-edge technology with expert insights to streamline compliance processes for the life sciences industry.

Vector Health’s Unique Approach

Benefit from a team of dedicated drug and device compliance experts, including business SMEs, attorneys, and industry practitioners. Our solutions cover the entire compliance lifecycle, offering spend research, transparency reporting, monitoring, analytics, and high-risk spend audits across the US, EU, and APAC regions.

Streamlined Compliance for Informed Decision-Making/ Elevating Compliance and Empowering Decision-Making

Automated Precision for Informed Business Decisions

Experience seamless compliance through our automated processes that empower your decision-making with precision and insight.

Automated Aggregation

  • Import your data effortlessly.
  • Integrate with any spend source system for a fully automated process.


Validation Excellence

  • Identify, address, and resolve data validation issues efficiently.
  • Ensure your reports are complete and accurate.


Informed Decision-Making

  • Gain a 360° view of all aggregated spend data in one centralized location.
  • Create interactive dashboards and analyze integrated data.
  • Quickly identify risks and make informed business decisions.


Our intuitive platform goes beyond automation, providing you with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive insights to navigate through your transactions effortlessly. Elevate your compliance standards and experience the power of automated compliance and data-driven decision-making with Vector Health.

Global Transparency Solutions by Vector Health

Vector Health Transparency Solution

Automated Compliance, Informed Decisions
– Seamlessly aggregate, validate, and report transfers of value
– Ensure compliance with global laws and codes
– Analyze aggregate spend data for strategic business decisions
– Mitigate risks efficiently with our intuitive platform

Regulatory Intelligence Simplified

Efficiency in the Face of Regulatory Complexity

– Confidently access global regulatory information
– Enhance productivity with Vector Health SSO Portal

– Effortlessly prepare, publish, and validate submissions
– Reclaim valuable time for higher-level activities

Global Transparency Platform Features

Ensuring Quality, Security, and Flexibility

– Implement quality and enrichment rules for data completeness
– Ensure data integrity with protection, monitoring, and approvals
– One Global Platform supporting all currencies, languages, and templates
– Advanced data management with CMS Open Payments Lifecycle Support
– Certified SAP Concur Integration, Master Data Neutral, and GDPR Compliance
– Core features: Security, Affordability, and Robust Support

Reducing Complexity, Cost, and Risk in Regulatory Affairs

Expert Support Across the Regulatory Lifecycle

– Access experienced regulatory affairs professionals for flexible workflows
– Comprehensive coverage of regulatory advice, maintenance, and lifecycle support
– Streamlined compliance reporting within standard configurations
– Proactive identification and resolution of issues for accurate reporting

Transparency Solution Benefits

Operational Efficiency, Risk Mitigation, Informed Decisions

– Operational efficiency through an intuitive UI and robust permissions
– Mitigate risks via data analysis and compliance rule monitoring
– Leverage aggregated spend and CMS Open Payments data for strategic decisions
– Consolidate data from multiple channels for actionable insights

Empower Your Regulatory Compliance Journey

Streamlined Systems and Expert Advisory

– Streamline regulatory systems with end-to-end technologies and tech-enabled services
– VH SSO Portal: Intelligent, integrated regulatory management
– Boost speed, collaboration, efficiency, and visibility in regulatory processes

Access Regulatory Insights

LegalEZ MedPharma Transparency Digest

– Gain access to regulatory insights and updates
– Access regulatory requirements for Human Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, and IVDs
– Compare requirements across 110+ countries and international organizations
– Determine optimum regulatory pathways and integrate internal intelligence
– Connect with local experts through expert summaries

Trust Vector Health for unparalleled support in navigating the complex landscape of global transparency and regulatory compliance in the life sciences industry. Our innovative solutions and experienced professionals ensure compliance excellence, allowing you to focus on delivering valuable products to the market.