December Newsletter 2023

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Newsletter

As we approach the holiday season, the hustle and bustle of tying up loose ends can be overwhelming for everyone. That’s why we’re bringing you a lighter, more festive edition of our newsletter this month, designed to ease you into the holiday spirit.

In our latest LegalEZ™ MedPharma Transparency Newsletter, we are here to remind you of crucial deadlines for US State & Global Transparency Reporting and Licenses coming up in January, along with the CMS updates.

The following topics will be covered in detail in the December edition of the newsletter:

  • US State license deadlines
  • US CMS Updates
  • EU & Global Disclosure Deadlines

It’s shaping up to be a quieter month in terms of Transparency Reporting Deadlines, providing a welcome relief for busy compliance officers. Nevada Sales Representative Registration is due on 15th January. Manufacturers are required to provide a complete list of pharmaceutical sales representatives active in Nevada, on or before January 15th annually.

Reminder that when new staff are hired or are terminated from the company, notification to add or inactivate a representative from the DHHS registry is required to be provided either when the representative begins work in Nevada or promptly upon termination.

A person who is not included on a current list submitted to the State cannot market prescription drugs on behalf of a manufacturer. The law applies to any/all pharmaceutical representatives and not just those engaging in the sales and marketing of drugs that appear on the Essential Drug List(s). Compliance is key, ensure that all pharmaceutical representatives are properly registered and authorized to market prescription drugs.

Following on from Nevada, Pharmaceutical Representatives who market or promote pharmaceutical products within the City of Chicago for more than fifteen (15) calendar days per year are also required to obtain a Pharmaceutical Representative License from the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.

Pharmaceutical Representatives must maintain certain continuing education requirements to be eligible to register. Licenses must be renewed annually, upon expiry, at a fee of $750 to the Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP).

If you employ a Lobbyists in the State of Miami–Dade County, Florida, you need to ensure that the lobbyist is registered to carry out the activities. Registration is required within five days of being retained by a client or before engaging in any lobbying activity. Registration renewal is required by January 15th of each year. The online service allows lobbyists to register and pay the fee ($490) associated with lobbyist registration.

Meanwhile, CMS is gearing up for the US Federal Deadline in March 2024. Perhaps, this is perfect timing for the updated FAQ’s being issued. The FAQs are revised periodically to reflect the most up-to-date program requirements.

Moving across to the Global updates; the only transparency reporting disclosure for the month of December is Indonesia and Portugal; which are due monthly. We have outlined the requirements for these countries and the US state reporting requirements in the newsletter.

As the year comes to a close, we can’t help but reflect on the transparency milestones we’ve achieved together. It’s been a year filled with insights, data disclosures, and a few giggles along the way. As we embark on the holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to wish you all a festive and data-filled celebration!

Unwrapping Transparency: This year, we unwrapped more than just presents; we delved into the layers of transparency, revealing the stories behind the numbers. Here’s to shedding light on the data, one report at a time!

Cheers to Clarity: May your holiday season be as clear as a well-crafted transparency report! Just like a perfectly visualized dataset, we hope your days ahead are organized, insightful, and easy to interpret.

Brighter Insights in the New Year: As we approach a new chapter, let’s raise a toast to even more illuminating insights, clearer visualizations, and perhaps a resolution to decode even the trickiest of data puzzles. Here’s to a year ahead filled with meaningful transparency!

The Gift of Time: They say time is the greatest gift, so this year, we’re giving everyone an extra hour of sleep. No, seriously, daylight saving time ends soon – enjoy that bonus snooze!
A Global Toast: Whether you’re counting data points or counting down to the New Year, know that our global transparency community is raising a virtual glass in celebration of shared knowledge, collaborative efforts, and the pursuit of truth.

Counting Down to 2024: As we count down the seconds to the New Year, may your countdowns be accurate, your metrics precise, and your celebrations filled with joy and camaraderie. Thank you for being an integral part of our transparency journey this year. Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with data delights, a dash of humour, and the warmth of shared knowledge. Cheers to a Transparent Holiday Season!

With LegalEZ™ MedPharma, navigating compliance has never been easier. Stay informed, stay compliant, and most importantly enjoy a stress-free holiday season!”

Warm Regards, LEGALEZ™ Team