Stay up to date with all the Healthcare compliance regulations around the globe with LegalEZ. We provide Legal Advice, regulatory services, regular alerts and audits to ensure you are on top of your compliance needs.

Regulatory Services, Red Flags and Audits

Monthly email reminders

  • Overview and analysis of current and new upcoming US and state reporting requirements
  • Overview and analysis of current and new upcoming global reporting requirements
  • Commentary on latest developments by the legal team

Quarterly bulletin

  • Explanations of existing regulations
  • Impact and Interpretations of imminent legal changes
  • Q&A

Quarterly review and 30 min group call

  • LegalEZ team review and summary and Q&A session
  • Guidance on SME assessment, outliers, audit, recommended revisions, alerts

Account specific call upon request

  • Access to a senior US transparency legal attorney, Vector Health’s Transparency legal EZ attorney and a Global transparency legal attorney.

Focus Area:

  1. Open payments sunshine act.
  2. Federal prescription drug sample transparency requirements.
  3. State gift prohibition laws (including laws in ME, MN, NJ and VT)
  4. State prescription drug coupon bans (including laws in CA and MA)
  5. State and local pharmaceutical representative licensing and registration laws (Including laws in Chicago, DC and NV)

OIG (Office of Inspector General),
FDA (Food and Drug Administration),
DOJ (Department of Justice) Alerts and Regulations


  • DA enforcement, DOJ & OIG highlights and Global data privacy highlights
    • Bi- annual summary of FDA enforcement letters
    • Implications
    • Bi- annual 30 min group call
      • Guidance on recent events
      • Upcoming actions
      • Q&A

    Focus Area:

    1. Frequent conference calls on new issues
    2. Members – only website
    3. PowerPoint presentations summarizing new requirement