US Transparency Reporting

Revolutionizing US Transparency Reporting

Innovative Solutions for Unparalleled Transparency
Vector Health introduced a groundbreaking Global Transparency solution in 2020, earning praise from small to medium-sized drug and device manufacturers. Our re-engineered platform offers innovation, power, customer-friendliness, and cost competitiveness.

Seamless Federal & State Aggregate Spend Reporting

Intelligent Compliance Platform:
Discover our state-of-the-art compliance platform, facilitating end-to-end visibility and precise reporting. Utilize the EZloader tool for data upload in any format, ensuring 450+ built-in QA/QC checks for data accuracy.

Accurate Physician Matching for Precision Profiling

Physician Matching with HCP Master:
Organize and validate your data with Vector Health’s HCP Master, ensuring accurate physician matching. Benefit from integrated NPPES, VPL & NPI data sources, and manual verification for precise profiling.

Best-in-Class Spend Analytics and Monitoring

Comprehensive Spend Tracking:
Track spend data from inception to completion. Leverage interactive analytics, benchmark spends, and perform in-depth analysis of reportable and non-reportable data.

Error-Free Reporting with Data Validation

Automated Data Validation:
Benefit from our system’s 450+ built-in data validation rules for accurate reporting. Address issues in real-time, track risky transactions, and ensure confidence in your reports without last-minute headaches.

Effortless Remediation and Unmatched Value

Simplified Remediation:
Experience simpler remediation with built-in AI, world-class customer service, and the ability to edit multiple transactions effortlessly. Vector Health offers 3x more value than other solutions, ensuring a price-competitive quotation tailored to your needs.

Choose Vector Health as your trusted partner for US Transparency Reporting. Our innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to excellence ensure you receive unparalleled value and accuracy in your reporting processes.