Transform Your Compliance Monitoring with Advanced AI Technologies

At Vector Health, we understand the complexities and challenges associated with regulatory compliance in the life sciences industry. Our Global Compliance Monitoring Solution leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Data Sciences, and Machine Learning to automate your compliance monitoring program. This empowers compliance teams to work more efficiently and effectively, ensuring comprehensive oversight and proactive risk management.

With our solution, the compliance teams can:

  • Comprehensive identification of risk areas, individuals, and activities.
  • Develop targeted monitoring plans and assist in risk mitigation.
  • Conduct real-time, analytical, and T&E monitoring activities seamlessly.
  • Track and manage remedial actions effectively within a unified interface.
  • Advanced data analysis for proactive risk management and compliance tracking.

Compliance Monitoring & Risk-Based Scoring

One of our pharmaceutical clients successfully automated and centralized their compliance processes using our Compliance Monitoring and Risk-Based Scoring (RBS) solution. By integrating advanced algorithms and digital tools, they were able to:

  • Streamline compliance monitoring and risk profiling.
  • Digitalize selection criteria through Veeva integration.
  • Automate checklists for live monitoring with automated workflows, enabling cross-team collaboration.
  • Tailor remediation workflows to internal processes.
  • Accelerate speaker risk assessments using RBS.
  • Analyze and track compliance data through insightful dashboards compared to manual monitoring.

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